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James Dickinson,

A quick intro:

Right where to begin? As a youngster I grew up around rugby sevens in Hong Kong and then after moving to the UK and began to play the game myself at school.  Despite my first Wasps match I attended being the Tetley’s Cup Final against Newcastle in 1999 it took me a fair while longer to regularly follow the Black and Gold. I actually ended up missing most of the glory years; I remember me and my dad watching a brilliant match Wasps vs Clermont on TV and thinking we needed to go watch this entertaining rugby first hand. My first home match I attended was vs Bath in December 2007 and I have been hooked ever since. I could not believe the difference in atmosphere from football. Supporters were friendly, not matter which side they supported and the players mingled with their fans; a world away from Premier League football. I was in attendance at Twickenham when Wasps lifted the Premiership in 2007, not bad for a first year as a supporter. Since then things have not been as good but no matter how we have done I am truly proud to be a member of the Wasps family.

Why start a blog?

First off, I am and will always consider myself a fan first, before considering myself any sort of journalist, I am just a normal supporter working a Monday to Friday job. I am not a Wasps or rugby ‘insider’ in any way, shape or form … not to say that I wouldn’t jump at the chance! Most of the information that I gather is second-hand, most likely just like yourself. I personally found Wasps discussions and news quite spread out across the web and felt a blog and social media a good way to try to make things easier for the casual fan. My goal is to find Wasps news and  information on the web and present to you it in a way that you would find entertaining and informative. If that gives you some time away from your daily stress, then my job is done.

Other than Wasps who do you like?

Obviously a keen supporter of the England rugby team but outside of egg shaped balls I’m a long time Liverpool football and New York Jets NFL fan.

Do you take any suggestions or player rumours/gossip? Are you interested in new writers/guest articles?

Of course. Please feel free to send me an email at